Experimental typography?

oh well, it’s time for experimental typography I have no clue how to show freedom of movement trough experimental typography. … More


WE HAVE FINALLY FINISHED THIS! I, Charlie and Loui had few hard working days and we are done with our … More

Sketches, ideas, D&AD

Multiple sketches, so many ideas. We have ideas of creating posters of people who tell their honest life story and … More

Text layouts 

New task !  Our brief is to create 3 different recipe layouts. One with on colour and one typeface, second … More

drawing type

created 3d initials. used gill sans as a base but in the end, they turned out pretty unique and not … More

found type @uxbridge

hi! we had a little homework to do for next lecture. exciting!! so we had to do the same exercise … More

found type

Hi! So we finally had very first lecture with Ben. I like Ben’s hair and typography! our first task while … More