Printing the zine

Today is the day when we finally booked the printer and printed our zine  It looks completely different then on … More


WE HAVE FINALLY FINISHED THIS! I, Charlie and Loui had few hard working days and we are done with our … More

Zine layout/ideas

Hi!  So it’s finally this time of the year when we actually need to join into 2-3 people groups and … More

Sketches, ideas, D&AD

Multiple sketches, so many ideas. We have ideas of creating posters of people who tell their honest life story and … More

Max Bill

Max Bill was one of the most unusual artists of our time. Acknowledged as an universal genius, he worked as … More

in layout we trust

I recently happened to visit an art space and tattoo shop Sang Bleu. I always liked their point of view … More


Found this really great article about the history of design and why is it so important. I always agreed with … More


  The incredible passionfruit flower pattern in Japanese kimono culture seemed very unusual to me, so the book catches my … More