lesson 1 d4i ben is back make an app? what?   Advertisements


my favourite part, video editing!! here are few cool video edits i have done really enjoyed it! this one is … More

destroy artworks

how to ruin work of piet mondrian in 2 minutes? just edit it photoshop i particulaty love Uta Barth. here … More

new postmodern narrative

So after having one to one session with Gerda about postmodern narratives, I understood that I will choose something else. … More

make those pixels move

averaging colour in movie title sequence I chose it is actually incredible how much narrative changes when you start to … More

update on pixels

got a little feedback from mr.Ben he suggested to those pixels in pictures even bigger so you clearly wouldn’t understand … More

postmodern narratives

task- find 3 postmodern narratives alright 1 when i first thought about this task i remembered that someone in history … More

super hero’s journey?

Matthew Winkler actually got me thinking what makes someone a hero? It is funny how our society lives by these cliches … More

fake news

i decided to look through all my images on my phone and try to find headlines for them. spend lots … More