postmodern narratives

task- find 3 postmodern narratives



when i first thought about this task i remembered that someone in history argued ”less is more” with ”less is a bore”. so i thought i should dig in and research about that person. architect Robert Venturi is a person who said that to go against modernism movement and it`s ideas.

i chose one of his most famous architectual pieces which is Vanna Venturi House

it’s clearly a house which is build based on postmodern narrative. this house was build in every possible way to show that Venturi is against modernism. in his book about ”Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture” he states that: ”Architects can no longer afford to be intimidated by the puritanically moral language of orthodox Modern architecture. I like elements which are hybrid rather than “pure,” compromising rather than “clear,” distorted rather than “straightforward.” … I am for messy vitality over obvious unity. I include the non sequitur and proclaim duality.” (p14). 




next thing i found was The Proust chair by Alessandro Mendini, 1978, pre-empted a wave of Postmodern design



mendini’s most well-known creation, the proust chair of 1978, is cobbled together from mismatched elements: an overfed rococo form, dots from a Paul Signac painting, the title from literature’s greatest melancholic obsessive.




Michele De Lucchi’s Prototype appliances for Girmi, 1979


i am very much inspired by this kind of memphis design! creating technical everyday appliances and not even thinking what`s the point. just looking at them from the different perspective



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